Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is like surgery for your mouth and jaw. It helps fix problems like removing difficult teeth, fixing jaw issues, or treating mouth diseases with surgery.

Maark Dental is a top dental clinic known for doing oral surgeries really well. They have skilled surgeons and use the latest tools to help with things like tooth removal, fixing jaw problems, and treating mouth diseases. They focus on making sure patients get good care and have better oral health.

Before Treatment

Comprehensive examination & evaluation: This means the dentist checks everything in the child’s mouth very carefully to understand what might be wrong or needs fixing.

X-rays: These are special pictures taken of the teeth and gums to see things that can’t be seen with just eyes, helping the dentist find problems or issues.

Treatment plan: After looking at everything, the dentist makes a plan that’s just for the child, listing what needs to be done to make their teeth healthy again.

Additional services: Sometimes, extra things like special treatments or procedures are needed along with the main treatment plan to make sure the child’s teeth stay strong and healthy.

Types of Oral Surgical Procedures

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Biopsy and Tumor Removal

Prosthetic Rehabilitative Surgery

Dental Implants

Minimal Invasive Facial Corrections

Minor Surgeries