Pedodontics is a special type of dentistry just for kids. It helps children take care of their teeth from when they’re babies until they become teenagers.

Pedodontists are dentists who know all about kids’ teeth. They help children keep their teeth healthy by teaching them how to brush properly and prevent cavities. They also fix any tooth problems kids might have.

Maark Dental is a place that might specialize in helping kids with their teeth. They have dentists who are really good at taking care of children’s teeth. At Maark Dental, they make sure that kids feel comfortable and not scared when they visit the dentist. They provide check-ups, treatments, and make sure kids learn how to take care of their teeth so they can have strong, healthy smiles for life.

Before Pedodontics Treatment in Childrens

Comprehensive examination & evaluation: A thorough check-up and look at your teeth and mouth to understand any problems.

X-rays: Special pictures taken to see inside your mouth and find issues that can’t be seen easily.

Treatment plan: A personalized plan made just for you to fix any dental problems, like cavities or crooked teeth.

Anything additional to the respective service then those to be included here: If there’s anything extra needed for your dental care, it will be added to your plan to make sure everything is taken care of.

Types of Pedodontics Treatment

Preventive Care

Growth Modulation Therapy

Procedures under GA

Fluride Application and Caries Control

Dental Trauma Management

Dental Fillings

Pediatric Endodontics